Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FB Group

Just to inform you that a Facebook group has been created!

The link -->

Join already if you have not accepted my invitation!

Monday, June 7, 2010

More stuff to buy

Before i forget, please use a headlamp instead of a torch light. The headlamp must enable you to see things clearly (for short range) and not far. If the salesman is trying to sell you something that enables you to see far far away, that is not the headlamp you want. You need to see what are you holding or grabbing hold of in the dark, so... short sighted headlamp.

Here are some luxurious item that you might want to spend on. These are UNNECESSARY but if you have the $$$, why not?!

add on spikes from Universal Travels (RM99)
I do not have a picture of this but its like a rubber thingy that you wrap around your shoes and there are spikes at the bottom, fits on any shoes for more grip

heat pack (RM4 till RM8)
these are disposable heat packs that you stick on your shirt and in your shoes for additional warmth. lasts about 5 hours. also, there is one where you hold it on your hands.

glow stick (below RM5)
just for fun

more updates coming up soon!


Not only stamina

A few of us when to Apek Hill last Saturday and I must say, that i had learned something from that trip.

The main thing, we have been worrying about is stamina but truth is, there are so many other things to worry about one of it is your knees. As we were descending, i felt a sharp pain on my knee and with wonders of google,

Overuse of knees...

My advice, please remember to get knee support or any form of support that is required for any part of your bodies. (i mean ankle, elbow, wrist, whatever) =D

My knees are now wrapped in support even during work. Pray that i recover soon.

See you guys in ten days!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Updates from Jesmond!

The guys from Corezone gave us some tips:

Hard soles (tapak), water proof

Avoid using bulky snow gloves (comfy but not suitable for via ferrata).
Use warm and fitting gloves (kayak)

Water proof. Get a fleece too if possible. Do not underestimate the cold.

There is a water station at every 1km. Do not picture a water stall like your luxurious marathon runs. It's a natural water catchment, mini tangki thingy. Buy water purification tablets, do not challenge ur stomach during the climb.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Updates!!

* please prepare whatever necessary for yourself - whether it comes to nausea, cramps, flu, diarrhea, painkillers medication, etc
better be prepared than be sorry :)

Called up Sabah Parks. Rates are RM 8/kg. Advisable max weight per porter --> 10 kg
* Pack what you need to bring/wear for ascend to summit from Laban Rata and Via Ferrata, into a durable plastic / eco-friendly bag.
* Porters will have their own 'carrier bag/cart/basket' to hold your stuffs
* You may also provide the bag to be ported (advised by ppl at Corezone)
* Pack as light as possible

* Power Bar
* Power Gel
* Cup Noodles (when check in at Pendant Hut, heard food there sucks.. haha)
* ORS (oral rehydration salt, good for curing cramps according to ppl at Corezone)

* Duct Tape
* Knee Guard (esp if injured before)

more updates to come... so do expect more e-mails from me, etc! super kancheong and excited man... !!!

Suitability of Kampung Adidas Shoes for Via Ferrata

Dear May Szin,
Thank you for your booking. Please check your itinerary at
1) The renown "Kampung Adidas" shoes would be suitable to scale the circuit? Or a hardier pair of hiking shoes would be more suitable?
It is advisable to get good hiking shoes which you are comfortable with for the climb. Kampung Adidas is ok but if you're not used to it, it will cause blister. The best shoes are those with good grip, light and waterproof.

2) What kind of gears are most suitable? Winter clothing or just slightly thicker jackets?
You might need thicker clothing for the summit hike. As you descend the Via Ferrata, it may get warmer as the sun goes up. Best is to wear multiple layers which you can take off as you feel warmer.
Please find (FAQ and pre-trip notes) for you to prepare for the Mt Kinabalu trip.
Best Regards,
Mountain Torq Team

Mountain Torq Sdn. Bhd. (692110-U)
Tel: +60 (88) 268 126 / 251 730 / 251 703
Fax : +60 (88) 269 126

From: Mayz []
Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2010 1:40 PM
To: Enquiry - Mount Torq
Subject: Low's Peak's Circuit
Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is May Szin.
Please be informed that I have made a reservation for 26 pax on June 20, under Alan Lam of Skyland Adventure for Mountain Torq's Low's Peak's Circuit.

I was wondering if...

1) The renown "Kampung Adidas" shoes would be suitable to scale the circuit?
2) Or a hardier pair of hiking shoes would be more suitable?
3) What kind of gears are most suitable? Winter clothing or just slightly thicker jackets?

Please advice.
Would appreciate your suggestions/feedback.

May Szin

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bukit Tabur this Sunday

Leng Chais and Leng Luis sekalian,

For this Sunday's climb, please take note of the following!

Date: 23rd May 2010 (Sunday)
Meet Up Time & Venue: 6.30 am @ Mamak Stall (see e-mail I sent for directions, or call Diddy please).


As of 18th May 2010:

1) Diddy
2) Shaun
3) Mayz
4) Chew Yee
5) Yun Miau
6) Yun Wei
7) Jesmond
8) Peter
9) Alfred
10) Ming
11) Winnie
12) Su-Lyn
13) Shino
14) Gun
15) Tanny
16) Jasmine
17) Mei Fun